Some reasons for reading intervention:

books kids globe_smallPhonics/decoding/phonological awareness-you might notice your child stumbling on words, skipping words, or guessing at words instead of reading them effortlessly.  Your child might guess a word that makes sense, but doesn’t match the letters, or s/he might struggle to read a word and then keep reading even if it doesn’t make sense.  S/he might seem to mix up letters, or read them in a different order than they are written.  You might have been told that your child has challenges with auditory processing.


Comprehension– you or your child’s teacher might have noticed that your child can “read anything”, or reads at grade level, but isn’t able to re-tell what he/she has read, or answer comprehension questions correctly.  Or, your child might be able to answer “on the surface” or literal questions, but has difficulty with “below the surface” or inferential questions.


Fluency– your child might seem to read slowly with little phrasing or expression (word by word reading).  Or, your child might stumble on many words slowing his/her overall reading down and effecting comprehension.  Or, you might have noticed your child reading so quickly that s/he reads right through punctuation and isn’t able to re-tell what was just read.